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Girnarji Teerth is situated at Junargh District in Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to the Jain god Neminath Bhagwan.

Girnarji Teerth is an ancient temple believed to be constructed by Nebusadanejhar, the king of Ravanagar, in 6th century BC. It was renovated a number of times by the kings and ministers of the region. It is believed that many Jain saints have worshipped in this temple and attained Moksha (salvation). The temple is run by Shri Vandilal Digambar Jain Dharamshala.

Shri Girnarji Siddha Kshetra is the famous religious center of Jain community. Thus place is sacred & pious as it is related with 3 Kalyanka – (i) Diksha (ii) Gyan (iii) Moksha of 22nd Tirthankar Bhagwan Neminath. About 72 crore & 700 Muniraj like son of Shri Krishna – Pradyumna Kumar, Shambhu Kumar, Aniruddha Kumar achieved salvation at this place. According to Digambar Tradition, in the 2nd decade ‘Munivar Dharsena Acharya’ ‘the master of Jain Text (Ang-Gyan)’, passed on his precious knowledge to ‘Muni Pushpadanta’ & to ‘Muni Bhootbali’ in Chandra Gupha (a cave) of Girnar Hill. After getting enlighted by the invaluable knowledge they wrote ‘Shat Khand Agam’, the first ‘Shrut Skandha’. Both Muni Pushpadanta & Muni Bhootbali achieved Mantra perfection on the ‘Siddha Shila’ present on Girnar Hill. Before them Bhagwan Neminath also achieved salvation on this Siddha Shila. This place has also been visited by last Shrutkevli Acharya Bhadrabahu, Acharya Kund-Kund, Samantbhadra and many other Muniraj (Jain Saints).
This Kshetra is famous as blessed land as it is related to Bhagwan Neminath’s 3 Kalyanka viz Diksha, Gyan, Moksha. This place is also famous as ‘Urjayanta Giri’.

Temple in the Valley – One huge temple is present in the campus of Dharmashala and it is called as ‘Neminath Digamber Jain Temple’. The black colored Padmasana idol of Bhagwan Munisuvrit Nath, which was made agreeable by ‘Jeevraj Papadiwal’ in V.S. 1548, is also installed here.The black colored Padmasana idol of principal deity Bhagwan Neminath is installed on Lotus of white stone inside the main altar. Height of this idol is 4 feet with base. In this temple there are eight more altars. In these altars, idol of Bhagwan Neminath, Pradyumna Kumar, Shambhu Kumar, Aniruddha Kumar & other Teerthankaras are agreeable. This temple is 145 years old. There is one sky-high magnificent column of dignity of white marble, present in front of this temple.



Facilities : 

One big Dharmashala equipped with all facilities is constructed in valley of hill. A Dharmashala is also built on First Tonk (Hill). Food & bed are easily available.

Means of approach :

By Road- Buses are available for reaching up to Junagarh from Ahemdabad and other cities of Gujarat. Auto Rickshaws from Junagarh are available for going up to Girnaar Kshetra (a distance of 6 km). 

By Rail- Junagarh Station (6 km from Kshetra) 

Nearest Airport- Rajkot (100 km) . is designed and maintained by Rising.
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