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Parasnath Hills

Parasnath Hills are a range of hills located in Giridih district of Jharkhand. The highest peak is 1350 metres. It is one of the most important pilgrimage centre for Jains. They call it Sammet Sikhar. The hill is named after Parasnath, the 23rd Tirthankara. Twenty of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankaras attained salvation on this hill. According to some, nine Tirthakaras attained salvation on this hill. For each of them there is a shrine (gumti or tuk) on the hill. Some of the temples on the hill are believed to be more than 2,000 years old. However, although the place is habited from ancient times, the temples may be of more recent origin. The Santhals call it Marang Buru, the hill of the deity. They celebrate a hunting festival on the full moon day in Baisakh (mid April).

By road

Parasnath Hill is on Grand Trunk Road (NH 2), about 320 km from Kolkata.

By rail

Parashnath station on the Howrah-Delhi grand chord line is the base for a visit to Parashnath. The adjacent town is called Isri or Isri Bazar. It has got some Jain dharmashalas. There is a Dak Bungalow at Dumri about a mile from the station. There is small staion at Nimia Ghat from where also Parasnath Hill is accessible, but the said route is not the popular one, people only travel by this route once a year.Best is to take 36sitter bus/rental car from Isribazar for Madhuban and the metalled trek route of 9kms to Shikharji (Parashnath).


The Jains have provided rest houses at the foot of the hill at Madhuban. The food is strictly vegetarian at these places. Non-vegetarian food, even if brought from outside is not allowed.There is a dormitory at the foot of Parashnathji, for which you have to take permission @ Rs50/- per head from the Bharatbarshiya Digambar Jain Tirthashetra Committee at Madhuban,Branch Office-Madhuban,P.O.-Shikharji,Dist-Giridih,Jharkhand.Pin-825329. or can contact Ph-(06558)232270(office),232265(Yatriniwas).But ths is speacially for jains who do the parikrama of "6 miles uphill,6mles parikrama & 6miles downhill".For the food in the evening one has to reach Dak Bunglow by 4.30pm.You will have Hot water from early in the morning till 8a.m., and food is served to only the Pilgrims with staying permission.

Nearest Stations

  • Giridih - about 45 km from Isri.

  • Dhanbad - about 50 km from Isri.

  • Topchanchi - about 15 km from Isri.

  • Parashnath - one passenger train in the evening is available for Dhanbad.

The summit of Parasnath Hill can be reached either from the southern or the northern side. There are two recognized routes to Parasnath Hill.

The southern approach is from Isri Bazaar, to the top, is motorable for about 2 km, the rest being a climb of 8 km.

The northern approach is a 13 km route from Madhuban village on the Dumri-Giridih road. Madhuban is about 40 km from Giridih and about 10 km from Parasnath rail station/ Isri Bazaar/ Dumri, all on Grand Trunk Road (NH 2). Buses ply along this route from Dumri to Giridih and stop at Madhuban village. Hired cars or taxis are available at Isri Bazar, just outside the rail station. There are a number of Jain temples at Madhuban.

After 3.5 km from Madhuban there is a stream called Gandharva nala and further up there is another stream Sita nala. The Jains hold the portion from Gandharva nala up to the summit as very sacred. It is easier to reach Parasnath from its northern side.

Ponies and dandis for the climb can be arranged at short notice. Jeeps and such power-driven vehicles can be hired to carry visitors for a considerable distance up the hill. Therafter they have to walk.


Parasnath Hill is Jerusalem to the Jains as, besides Mahavira, the following 20 Tirthankaras or Tirthankaras or pathfinders had attained Nirvana at this hill. Their gradation is shown within brackets:
  • Bhagwan Ajita (second)
  • Bhagwan Samhavanatha (third)
  • Bhagwan Abhinandana (fourth)
  • Bhagwan Sumatinatha (fifth)
  • Bhagwan Padma Prabhu (sixth)
  • Bhagwan Suparsvanatha (seventh
  • Bhagwan Chandra Prabhu (eighth)
  • Bhagwan Suvidhinatha or (ninth)
  • Bhagwan Pushpadanta
  • Bhagwan Sitalanatha (tenth)
  • Bhagwan Shreyanshanatha (eleventh)
  • Bhagwan Vimalanatha (thirteenth)
  • Bhagwan Anantanatha (fourteenth)
  • Bhagwan Dharmanatha (fifteenth)
  • Bhagwan Shantinatha (sixteenth)
  • Bhagwan Kunthunatha (seventeenth)
  • Bhagwan Arahnatha (eighteenth)
  • Bhagwan Munisuvrata (twentieth)
  • Bhagwan Naminatha (twenty-first)
  • Bhagwan Parsvanatha (twenty-third) is designed and maintained by Rising.
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